Dustless chalks
Quality :-
  • Perfumed Chalks with IP (Indian Pharmaceutical) Grade
  • Colored Chalks Available
  • Manufactured as per Japanese Technologies.
  • Better and more economical than imported Chalk.
  • Longer Lastiing.
  • Non Dusting.
  • Does not break easily.

Dustless non toxic :-
While writing there is not dust due to spaecial addltives.
Safe to use for Teachers and even children as no hazardous material is used in manufacturing (Does not cause breathing problem)
User friendly :-
does not leave any satins or marks on hands.
Long lasting :-
these chalks have more strenth and last to 3 to 4 times longer as compared to ordinary Calks.
No wastage :-
High strenth result in minimum wastage.
Ease of writting :-
Highly polymerized compound ensures easyand smooth writting.
Atractive packing :-
packing in beatiful multicolour boxes.
Ease storage & handling:-
innovative packing facilitates better storage ease of handing.
Colours :-
available in five diffrent colours Green, red, Bule & Yellow Besides White.
Economically prised :-
Being long lastling & Non-Toxic, with attracting packing, it is the Most economically prised chalk you can buy.
Easy erasing :-
Usage of right grade of raw material and proper binding agent ensures no scratches or stains on the writing Surface, therefor, easy to erase.